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Robert J. Firth.



The Lesson of Scoundrels is one of crime and punishment. We tell the story of a number of men, some of them probably great men, most well educated and all with driving ambition far above that of most.


The people we describe can all be characterized by a monumental and unrealistic sense of self-worth, outrageous hubris and a mile wide streak of pure greed so powerful that they risked all to grab the golden ring whenever it came into their reach- that the proverbable ring belonged to the people meant absolutely nothing!


Greed drives the white collar criminal who learns to steal, lie and defraud the people he serves believing that because he is who he is, he can act with impunity. In almost every case, the characters described in this book were not entirely bad men, each and every one of them did some good or tried to and were loyal to their friends and family.


What exactly led them to throw it all away for money you will have to discern for yourselves. We will tell you who they were, what they did and what it eventually cost them at the bar of justice. In all cases, the law finally did catch up with them all- mostly by the opposing party dropping a dime.

For you students of the law, give some serious thought to how these guys were caught, the laws they broke and how the courts dealt with them. Most of them were lawyers but likely forgot their classes in ethics. None of these mendacious rascals cared a whit about morals or ethics when they might get in the way of some easy money.


All of the men in this book were successful politicians, outgoing, gregarious and, when in top from, bursting with a magnetic enthusiasm that drew the voters to them like flies. Their powerful personalities and determined energy brought them to high office. Many were state governors and all were in positions to get their sticky fingers into the peoples cookie jar.


Weíve presented only a small sampling of the vast number of crooked public servants. Itís highly likely that the percentage of elected officials, in any capacity, who have not misappropriated public funds, in one way or another, is very small- I would venture to guess the percentage of truly honest politicians is well under twenty percent. The only difference between the vast majority of elected public servants and those identified in this book is that the former havenít yet been caught.


There is a discernable and tragic flaw in many, if not most, of those we choose to represent us. Perhaps, it is because honest, reasonable and intelligent men do not care to run for public office, preferring to retain the peace and happiness of private life. Whatever the reason, we, the people, are the losers.


Robert Firth




Customer Reviews:


Mr. Firth. Your book is remarkable. I had no idea. The media has hidden all this. My God! these people are monsters. They are the absolute shit of the earth. Especially Frank and Dodd. They need to be killed!

Ruth Ann Martin, Toms River NJ


Captain Firth, I read Scoundrels and have to tell you, you hit the nail on the head. These men you talk about I fear are just the tip of the iceberg. The political system is beyond broke... It's unfixable... We need to tar and feather these "scoundrels" and run them out of town..

Henry Whitehouse, Wilmington Ohio



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