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Flying Through Life

Robert J. Firth.


This is a story written by a pilot who followed his father into commercial aviation. It is, on one hand, the biography of a professional pilot and, on other levels, provides us with insight into the mental disciplines necessary to follow such a career path. The story begins with a description of his life as a kid in rural New Jersey and follows him from his first flight to his last, some fifty years latter.


As each passage of life ends, a new begins. The author provides us with an understanding of what it means to be a professional aviator and what he has learned along the way about his profession and about life. We see him grow as a person and as a pilot. We see the world through his eyes and gain an appreciation of his accumulated experiences both funny and those no so.


Anyone who has spent years looking down on the world most certainly develops a different view of things than those who meander along the surface. This is certainly true of the author who provides the reader with a sense of his understanding along the way.


Author Information

Robert J. Firth

Captain Firth lives today in Boca Raton Florida with his family. He still is flying so, in that respect, the story continues. It looks like another sailboat is in his future.


Customer Reviews


Flying is a real pilot’s book, written by a guy who did what he said he did… Highly professional and humorous.. recommended. A great read…

Paul Worthy, Pan Am retired


Sir, A Wonderful story and well told. The Author lived a truly great life and he likely has forgotten more about flying than most of us will ever know.

Winston McPherson, Scotland


I flew with Captain Firth and very much enjoyed reading his book. A great read, a real pilots story... Liam Douglass, London UK



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