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Robert J. Firth.



THE STORY OF MY LIFE The story of my Dogs life as told by the dog.



 Somehow, as a young boy, I always was able to understand animals better than most. It seems as though I actually ‘hear’ their thoughts. Over the years, this ability has grown more acute. I’m not always able to get my thoughts going the other way so that the animal knows what I’m thinking but I can and do hear very clearly their thoughts. 


In my ten years with Iram, I knew from the first instant that he was an exceptionally clear communicator. Iram had great intelligence and was interested in many things unrelated to his life as a dog. He understood his trainers and other humans better than many understood themselves.  

How does one understand the thoughts of animals? Well, first you have to be on their wavelength, one has to clear ones mind and let the animal know that you want to hear him. In Iram’s case, he would sit and stare at me until I engaged his eyes. That was his way lf letting me know that he had something to say.  Then, it’s just a case of “letting go” and listening with your mind and with your heart. 


Iram didn’t necessarily think in words, although he knew many, rather, he sent his “feelings” to me, leaving it to me to ‘wrap words’ around them. For instance, he would tell me that he wanted to go swimming in the pool or ask me to take him to the beach, once he knew what a beach was. 


When he began “telling” me his life story and asked me to write it down, he was perhaps ten years of age and nearing his final time on earth. I guess he sensed this as he did everything. He had spent days with me in my office surrounded by my books and had seen me writing and reading. He certainly knew what a book was. I often read allowed to him which he immensely enjoyed, and I knew he understood the words and pictures. He especially liked photos. It’s been shown many times that animals have pictorial literacy, they can and do distinguish shapes and some colors.


 Iram would watch some TV shows with interest and often send me thoughts about them. He hated war movies and would leave the room rather than listen to the terrible explosions and shooting. He positively hated the Forth of July rockets and firecrackers in our neighborhood. 


Once a Russian movie played about a police dog named Muktar. He sat up and watched the entire film never moving from the set. We had hours of conversation after that. This is a bit exhausting for me because the discussion is all one way for the most part. Iram would send me streams of thoughts leaving it to me to untangle and digest them.  

When I was started writing this book, he understood that he had to slow down and would watch me carefully. When I would look up and engage his eyes, he knew that I had finished and was ready for more… 


Now, I know you probably think this is all nonsense and I don’t blame you. But, just in case you think there’s a chance that what I’m describing is possible and, if you have a dog, cats too, but for me, they are far more difficult to read ,sit with your dog and try to erase your worldly thoughts, relax and open your mind, gently pet them and let your mind contact theirs, travel into their world, slowly, quietly, pick up on the nuance and try to interpret their thoughts. 


Dogs minds can be confusing at first because of their present tense senses. They hear and smell acutely and have a frontal mental world of the ‘hear’ and now. Behind that lies your dog’s mind and heart. They feel, they think, they hear then dream and can form long and complicated thoughts… You just have to be receptive. 


Iram’s story is such a narrative…he delivers it to me in impossibly extended conjoined paragraphs, leaving it to me to sort them out into sentences that humans can understand… This book was a challenge in that regard but a genuine pleasure as well. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did the writing. 


Robert J. Firth




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