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Flying Through Life


The Battle of Tours


The Enemy Within








Beat The Drum Slowly


You Daid


Atheists are Idiots


Murder Book




Are We Crazy


A Dogs Life


The Conservative Manifesto


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The Books of

Robert J. Firth.


Flying Through Life  This is a story written by a pilot who followed his father into commercial aviation. It is, on one hand, the biography of a professional pilot and, on other levels, provides us with insight into the mental disciplines necessary to follow such a career path. The story begins with a description of his life as a kid in rural New Jersey and follows him from his first flight to his last, some fifty years latter.  


As each passage of life ends, a new begins. The author provides us with an understanding of what it means to be a professional aviator and what he has learned along the way about his profession and about life. We see him grow as a person and as a pilot. We see the world through his eyes and gain an appreciation of his accumulated experiences both funny and those no so. Anyone who has spent years looking down on the world most certainly develops a different view of things than those who meander along the surface. This is certainly true of the author who provides the reader with a sense of his understanding along the way. Read more >>>>



The Battle of Tours  Tours, the largest city in the Centre region of France, is the location of what was arguably the most significant battle in human history. Here, in 732, Charles "the Hammer" Martel stopped an invading army of sixty thousand Muslims cold. Martel slaughtered every one of them and left their "unholy "bones to rot as a testament to God and all who passed. 


Since the birth of the so-called prophet Mohammed in 471 AD, the crazed followers of Allah rampaged throughout the Middle East and invaded southern Europe in an attempt to lay waste to all Christian lands, murdering, pillaging and proselytizing. 


The spread of Islam throughout the Middle East was most certainly by and under the sword. The Egyptians were obviously not Arabs or Muslims until the armies of Islam swept into their territories. Equally, in every country that fell under the murdering hands of the Muslims, the people of those countries were subjugated and slaughtered, forced to convert or die. Indeed, no one can argue that Islam is not a diseased cult spread by force staining human history with blood. Read more >>>>



The Enemy Within  For the very worst kind of liberals, they long ago, beginning with guys like Bertram Russell, Woodrow Wilson and the Fabian Society, understood that the greatest flaw in democracy was the one man one vote concept and, if they could corrupt this system, they could hugely benefit and, in the process, gain enormous power and riches .It is this second kind of scoundrel we have to thank for the terrible situation we in America find ourselves in today. 


We show, step by bloody step, how these miserable creatures have crippled our lovely, free and once great country- how they originated, hatched and engineered nefarious plots to bring us down and themselves up. We will show, with no chance of the guilty escaping our scrutiny, who these swine are and how they did what they have done. Once you have read and comprehended the contents of this book, your view of liberals, progressives, democrats, socialists, communists and fellow travelers will never again be the same. Read more >>>>



Vanishment  The book describes a fictional account of a modern day visitation by the late great Jesus Christ. The appearance of the spirit in the personage of the son of God or God himself, with all his miraculous powers, in the back yard of a middle class white guy, begins an astounding series of happenings that change mankind and the world forever. 


The book relates the authors rather wry and at times hilarious and wishful account of the “second coming” as has been predicted for two thousand years. Why Jesus decides to visit humanity in 2011 and why he returns to a poolside patio in Boca Raton Florida is left to the imagination of the reader.  


Equally, it remains for the reader to comprehend Jesus’ actions as he goes about his business. Most certainly there are echoes of the day of Judgment, so colorfully described in the Book of Revelations, the last chapter in the Christian Bible, dealing with the prophetic visions John, a servant of Jesus, received from God. Read more >>>>



Scoundrels  The Lesson of Scoundrels is one of crime and punishment. We tell the story of a number of men, some of them probably great men, most well educated and all with driving ambition far above that of most.


The people we describe can all be characterized by a monumental and unrealistic sense of self-worth, outrageous hubris and a mile wide streak of pure greed so powerful that they risked all to grab the golden ring whenever it came into their reach- that the proverbial ring belonged to the people meant absolutely nothing! 


Greed drives the white collar criminal who learns to steal, lie and defraud the people he serves believing that because he is who he is, he can act with impunity. In almost every case, the characters described in this book were not entirely bad men, each and every one of them did some good or tried to and were loyal to their friends and family.  Read more >>>>



Aftermath   Tenerife, the worst accident in aviation history; like all pilots, Captain Van Zanten‘s decision to go for the take-off was only one of the many thousands of decisions he had made in his career. Rain, snow or fog obscuring the view of the entire runway was not uncommon and something he had experienced many times.


He was thinking about many things; the delays, his inconvenienced passengers, the schedule, and the flight legs facing him after dropping his passengers just 25 minutes away.


Of course, he was 100% certain that the Pan Am aircraft was clear of the runway. As his aircraft was gaining speed, he was readying himself for the mental switch from visual to instruments as he would be climbing through the fog. The instant he saw the Pan Am aircraft looming into view directly ahead of him he knew, he knew right then and right there, he knew he was dead, he knew they were all dead……everything flashed through his mind… Instinctually, he pulled back on the yoke……but he knew…….

Read more >>>>


Beat the Drum Slowly  

BEAT THE DRUM SLOWLY is  the story of war, parenthetically and unfortunately, it is also unavoidably, the story of man’s history. From our earliest days, conflict has been the single most common characteristic of humanity. Man has fought man and men have fought men on every continent, every ocean  and every island from the moment one set eyes on the other. 


Be this xenophobia or be this a form of insanity is difficult to tell. In any case, the difference is lost amid the bombastic sounds of war. The weapons themselves are of little consequence, be they bare hands, clubs, knives, swords, spears, arrows, muskets, machine guns or atomic bombs. The end remains the same- lives are lost….like a sputtering candle, guttering in the wind, with darkness having the final word.


 We can easily enough research each of the thousands of battles between one group on this sad earth and another. Countries have fought countries and people, people, since before we began keeping count. We don’t need this book, or any like it, to recount the history of these terrible conflicts.  Read more >>>>


You Daid

This book is not any kind of mea culpa whining about the plight of the poor black in America. Instead, we are exposing the barefaced truth about white feelings, fears and reactions to blacks and why the races hate, fear and avoid each other. No PC here!


Blacks have good reason to hate whites.  Before and after the Civil War, they were made slaves, bought and sold like cattle and hanged for sport. Racism was institutionalized before and following the emancipation decree under Lincoln.


Xenophobia, the fear of those different from ones self or group, accounts for most racism. Whites naturally don’t like blacks and consequentially, fear them. The fear turns to hate and the war is on. Blacks come from a primitive and brutal culture. They have committed and continue to commit the most horrible atrocities against whites in South Africa and America.  As a white person you have good reason to fear and avoid blacks no matter where you are!  Read more >>>>


Atheists are Idiots

Antitheism (sometimes anti-theism) implies an opposition to theism. The etymological roots of the word lie in the Greek anti-and theismos. The term has had a range of applications; in secular contexts, it typically refers to a direct opposition to organized religion or, to the belief in any deity. While in a theistic context, it sometimes refers to opposition of a specific god or gods. The anti-theist is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "One opposed to belief in the existence of a god." The earliest citation given for this meaning is from 1833. An antitheist may be opposed to belief in the existence of any god or gods, not merely one in particular.


This book is not necessarily written to convert anyone to a recognition or belief in our creator but, if such were to be the case, that’s all to the good. Rather, the book is meant to provide the reader with some logical and thoughtful reasoning concerning those who do believe in a creator and those who proclaim that such does not exist. We don’t wish to “sell” anyone on anything, especially, any particular belief system, The purpose is to acquaint the reader with the rich heritage of theistic and anti-theistic thought that many of us, both those living and those not, have had to say on the subject.  Read more >>>>







A inquiry into the nature and mind of mankind asking,

Are We Crazy?



 A story about the gentle arts as opposed to the art of killing...if such can be called 'art?' 


The dictionary defines crazy as mentally deranged, demented, insane, senseless; impractical and totally unsound. The question we ask in this book is- are we an insane and doomed species? That question has tormented those of us who consider such for centuries. The question keeps coming up like the proverbial message in the dark ball that floats into view answering everyman's questions. Looking at the quantity of wealth and intelligence expended in the 'business' of killing compared to those same qualities expended in saving lives and making the world a better place. I mean here in terms of human input, comparing physicians, medical professionals, artists, musicians, builders and designers; those who make our world a better place-  contrasted against those who have dedicated their lives toward designing and, building bombs, tanks, bio-weapons, WMDs including those who dedicate themselves to using these weapons. 

If the philosophers can agree that saving lives is a 'moral good' while taking life is not, then the former is a  'good' while the later is clearly a 'bad.'  Perhaps, this is a simple way to define and argue that such as "good" and "bad" actually exist and are not, even in this absurd age of 'political correctness' moral ambivalence and the denial of evil, subject to logical argument and ambiguity? That is, of course, if any two philosophers can agree on anything. The skills and education required in pursuit of saving lives (both animal and human) most certainly exceeds that of those who kill for a living.  That point cannot be argued. (evidence the happy gang of fun guys right) 

The money expended on designing, building, testing and using WMD's of all kinds including the vehicles to deliver them may well equal the combined costs of all medical advances.  However, an important distinction needs be pointed out. Orders and funding for killing always originate from Governments while medical advances are mostly the product of private enterprise. What does this say to us about the nature of Government as opposed to that of the healing arts.  Can we not argue that any government who contracts for and funds terrible and dangerous weapons of mass destruction is evil by so doing?   Read more >>>>






This is a factual, no-nonsense book as told to me by a professional American assassin. The stories he tells are descriptions of true events with only a few names changed for obvious reasons. The author pulls no punches and never softens the story to make it more palatable. What you will read describes accurately the preparation, dedication, training and mind-set of a man and his associates who kill America's enemies for a living. 


You will learn of actual events that you can independently verify if you wish. Much of the secret war against Islam that goes on right in your backyard and indeed, around the world, is never reported. The simple reason for this is that no one in the media has any idea whatsoever that any of the events have happened.  If they did find out they would likely have to be taken care of!  


The bodies are dispensed with like the garbage they are. Nothing is left to indicate anything ever happened- cleanup teams. What you have read in other books written by men who never did it (armchair adventures, Walter Mittys etc.) is all make- believe. What you think you know about how this works from movies is garbage for kids.


 Your government and mine claim that they don't assassinate their enemies. That is poppycock! They do, they always have and continue to do so. Without men like the individual telling this story they couldn't. The 'grey quiet men' do the killing while the fat fools pontificate and blab about their virtues ....all the while... their hands are dripping in blood.  


You will learn what the concerns are of the silent men who carry out this kind of work. You will learn about their techniques and weapons as well as plans for the future. You will be exposed to the real deal here so, get a hold of your stomach and dive in. It's an ugly but never boring world. 


General Michael Jones-Varney, Rtd.  Read more >>>>





The story of my Dogs life as told by the dog.




 Somehow, as a young boy, I always was able to understand animals better than most. It seems as though I actually ‘hear’ their thoughts. Over the years, this ability has grown more acute. I’m not always able to get my thoughts going the other way so that the animal knows what I’m thinking but I can and do hear very clearly their thoughts. 


In my ten years with Iram, I knew from the first instant that he was an exceptionally clear communicator. Iram had great intelligence and was interested in many things unrelated to his life as a dog. He understood his trainers and other humans better than many understood themselves.  


How does one understand the thoughts of animals? Well, first you have to be on their wavelength, one has to clear ones mind and let the animal know that you want to hear him. In Iram’s case, he would sit and stare at me until I engaged his eyes. That was his way lf letting me know that he had something to say.  Then, it’s just a case of “letting go” and listening with your mind and with your heart. 


Iram didn’t necessarily think in words, although he knew many, rather, he sent his “feelings” to me, leaving it to me to ‘wrap words’ around them. For instance, he would tell me that he wanted to go swimming in the pool or ask me to take him to the beach, once he knew what a beach was. 


When he began “telling” me his life story and asked me to write it down, he was perhaps ten years of age and nearing his final time on earth. I guess he sensed this as he did everything. He had spent days with me in my office surrounded by my books and had seen me writing and reading. He certainly knew what a book was. I often read allowed to him which he immensely enjoyed, and I knew he understood the words and pictures. He especially liked photos. It’s been shown many times that animals have pictorial literacy, they can and do distinguish shapes and some colors.


 Iram would watch some TV shows with interest and often send me thoughts about them. He hated war movies and would leave the room rather than listen to the terrible explosions and shooting. He positively hated the Forth of July rockets and firecrackers in our neighborhood. 

Once a Russian movie played about a police dog named Muktar. He sat up and watched the entire film never moving from the set. We had hours of conversation after that. This is a bit exhausting for me because the discussion is all one way for the most part. Iram would send me streams of thoughts leaving it to me to untangle and digest them.  


When I was started writing this book, he understood that he had to slow down and would watch me carefully. When I would look up and engage his eyes, he knew that I had finished and was ready for more… 


Now, I know you probably think this is all nonsense and I don’t blame you. But, just in case you think there’s a chance that what I’m describing is possible and, if you have a dog, cats too, but for me, they are far more difficult to read ,sit with your dog and try to erase your worldly thoughts, relax and open your mind, gently pet them and let your mind contact theirs, travel into their world, slowly, quietly, pick up on the nuance and try to interpret their thoughts.   

Dogs minds can be confusing at first because of their present tense senses. They hear and smell acutely and have a frontal mental world of the ‘hear’ and now. Behind that lies your dog’s mind and heart. They feel, they think, they hear then dream and can form long and complicated thoughts… You just have to be receptive. 


Iram’s story is such a narrative…he delivers it to me in impossibly extended conjoined paragraphs, leaving it to me to sort them out into sentences that humans can understand… This book was a challenge in that regard but a genuine pleasure as well. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did the writing. 

Robert J. Firth
Read more >>>>






 The Conservative Manifesto was written to define and understand the many differences between the Conservative and liberal mind-set and political persuasion. In researching, the differences were found to be profound, reaching into almost every area of the lives of the subjects. For example, the schools one attends, parental and peer influences, the job or profession one chooses, ones friends, sports and vacation areas, all heavily influenced by ones politics. 

We found many unsurprising and predictable facts such as; the books and media choices of the two groups are consistent with their political views. It was also obvious that many of the younger subscribers to liberal philosophy switched sides as they aged, began working and taking on financial responsibilities. Almost to a man, the more successful became fiscally Conservative- no longer quite so willing to part with their hard-earned money. As might be expected, those born into Conservative families retained and reflected their culture throughout their lives. We did not find any who moved to the left in any way, if anything, their Conservative views and positions hardened as they aged. 

The differences and distances between these two vastly different and diametrically opposed cultures has become since the 1960's far wider and significantly harder to bridge. The rancor and even visceral hatred between these groups has never been greater. This present administration (Obama's) has served to separate the country as never before. In earlier times, some areas of agreement were possible. The old time democrat was interested in bettering the life of the blue collar working man while Republicans championed the rising middle class, many of whom, due to the remarkable benefits of capitalism, rose from the ranks of the working class.   

Education does play a roll in determining ones political views however; it may not be as you would think. Many with advanced degrees profess a love of socialism and engage in a pursuit of 'social justice' even late into their lives. It's not  education alone that affects ones views but it is the kind of education one receives. For example, those who pursue hard sciences such as engineering, mathematics medicine and science or attend our military academies tend to be or become Conservative while those majoring in law, journalism, political science and soft subjects are more likely to have liberal views. 

We examine most of the issues separating these rapidly diverging cultures considering how each relates to his life, his work, his relationships and family. We look at those areas of tremendous disagreement such as; the proper functions of government, guns, religion, immigration, taxes, language, patriotism and foreign affairs, discussing the differences and how each impacts our country and the world.

 No matter what side of the issues you may be on, we hope you find something of value and enjoy the book.  

Robert J. Firth

June, 2016

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