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Robert J. Firth.



Antitheism (sometimes anti-theism) implies an opposition to theism. The etymological roots of the word lie in the Greek anti-and theismos. The term has had a range of applications; in secular contexts, it typically refers to a direct opposition to organized religion or, to the belief in any deity. While in a theistic context, it sometimes refers to opposition of a specific god or gods. The anti-theist is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "One opposed to belief in the existence of a god." The earliest citation given for this meaning is from 1833. An antitheist may be opposed to belief in the existence of any god or gods, not merely one in particular.


This book is not necessarily written to convert anyone to a recognition or belief in our creator but, if such were to be the case, that’s all to the good. Rather, the book is meant to provide the reader with some logical and thoughtful reasoning concerning those who do believe in a creator and those who proclaim that such does not exist. We don’t wish to “sell” anyone on anything, especially, any particular belief system, The purpose is to acquaint the reader with the rich heritage of theistic and anti-theistic thought that many of us, both those living and those not, have had to say on the subject.  


Today, not all, but a majority of atheists are liberals, progressives, far leftists, socialists and communists. Mostly, they are markedly un-patriotic, few hunt and fewer under fifty ever served in our armed forces. As a group, they divorce more often that Christians, voted for obama and espouse and support such nebulous issues as ‘social justice’, and the nihilistic ‘occupy’ movement.


Having spent many decades as an airline pilot, I have had countless occasion to gaze at the stars and wonders of our world and our universe. Of all my many compatriots, those who shared my skies, I would say that none were or are atheists or agnostics. The wonders and balance of nature and the marvelous physics of flight present the truths of our creator in ways simply too overwhelming to discount.


Some of the lost souls in non-believer camp have the gift of intellect and it is for them this book is written. I ask those prescient few to thoughtfully examine their anti-theist positions in light of the concepts, thoughts and facts we present. If even one of them comes to the realization of their Creators realty, the book will have served its purpose.


The title of the book is, of course, insulting to those who do not share my beliefs and it is purposely so. If you reject the notion of our Creator, I wish the book to give you pause. It can only be through serious error and lack of imagination that an individual can adopt the negative and empty mindset of the anti-theist. Sadly, however, I have learned that the majority of atheists are indeed stupid and that such a level of reasoning is forever beyond them. Be you one, I offer no hope, go your lonely way then…


Robert J. Firth

May, 2010



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